Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If my certification has expired, can I attend the refresher course?

You are able to take the Refresher course 3 months before or after the expiration date. For example if your certification expires on 14 June 24, you can take your Refresher programme between 14 March 26 to 13 September 26.

Q2. If I have a medical condition, can I attend the course?

Participants having medical conditions is to seek their doctor’s advice. As this course involves you to have a hands on practical CPR experience, it may be strenuous to some participants. Participants will be required to sign an indemnity form before commencement of the course.

Q3. What will happen if I obtain a NYC grade?

Participants will be given 3 attempts for both theory and practical examination. Participants reserve the right to appeal against the Assessor decision. An administrative fee of S$ 50 will be charged and the Chief Instructor will look into the applicant’s case. The Chief Instructor decision will be final.

Q4. What will happen if I miss the class?

Participants who missed the class with valid reasons (i.e Medical Leave) will have their course rescheduled. No refunds will be provided. There will be no replacement or make up lesson for participants who have missed a class without valid reason.

Q5. I misplaced and/or did not download my e-certificate. What should I do?

You may write into us at Do note that there will be an administrative fee of S$ 50 imposed for each generated certificate.

Q6. Is BAS course accredited?

Unless stated otherwise, BAS’s courses are accredited by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC). 

Click here to view our accreditation.

Q7. Is there any number I can call for the first aid course?

You may reach us on WhatsApp by clicking here.