Our History

Basketball started in Singapore as early as 1925, attracting interest and participation from numerous schools.

However, it was only in 1934 when the Singapore Basketball & Volleyball Association was set up, and from then on, a steady development of basketball ensued, culminating in the organisation of a Malaysia and Singapore Basketball Championship that greatly increased the exposure of Singapore to basketball.

In 1939, the Chinese Sports Improvement Council replaced the Singapore Basketball & Volleyball Association and became the centre of basketball promotion; the Council can be said as the first instance of BAS.

  • 1940s to 1950s
    • World War II broke out, and severely dented the popularity of basketball. After the war in 1946, a group of basketball enthusiasts, led by Permanent Honorary Chairman Mr Goh Chye Hin , formed the Singapore Amateur Basketball Association (SABA).
    • The Association made commendable efforts to revive basketball, and over the next ten years, greatly heightened the popularity of basketball. In that time frame, Singapore also sent out strong basketball teams to compete in the Asian Basketball Cup and the Olympics, cementing Singapore's position as a player in the region's basketball scene.
  • 1950s to 1970s
    • The popularity of amateur basketball led to its adoption by numerous schools of different languages and cultures, and even in primary schools!
    • In 1961, SABA became a member of the Asian Basketball Association, participating in efforts to promote basketball in the region and consistently sent men's and women's teams to participate in the annual Asian Basketball Cup.
    • In 1964, Singapore began the annual Sports Festival, and SABA greatly supported the festival by inviting basketball teams from Asia, Middle East, and Australia to participate in the Singapore Festival International Invitation Competition; it eventually became an important event in the international basketball
    • In 1967, SABA renamed itself to Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) and nominated then Minister of Culture, Mr Jek Yeun Thong, as Chairman, and commenced the training of referees in order to raise the standard of refereeing. To date, Singapore has more than ten internationally-recognised referees.
  • 1970s to 1980s
    • In 1973, Mr Jek Yeun Thong was named Permanent Honorary Chairman, and former 2nd Minister for Defence Mr. Phua Bah Lee took over the reins, who was then nomimated consecutively over the next seven years. During that period, BAS increased the scale of the International Invitation Competition...
    • In 1984 renamed the competition to the Merlion International Invitation Competition. Participating countries included then USSR, USA, China, Spain, and Germany etc; playing against such strong opponents raised the standard of local basketball. Due to the lack of modern facilities, basketball activities in Singapore faced certain constraints, but in 1989, the Singapore Indoor Stadium was built. Singapore then forged ahead and organised the first Asian Women's Basketball Championship in 1990, and thrust Singapore into the limelight amongst the international scene.
  • 1990s to 2000s
    • In 1991, Mr. Phua Bah Lee was named Permanent Honorary President, and former Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Information and The Arts Dr. Ho Kah Leong assumed President of BAS. The new President initiated a move to raise funds for the building of an Association Headquarters, personally leading members of the Association in its fund-raising activities.
    • On 16 Oct 1994 , the HQ was unveiled, with Mr. Ho being one of the major contributors. A new chapter in the history of basketball in Singapore.
    • In 1999, Mr. Ong Ah Heng, Member of Parliament for Nee Soon Central, was nominated as President.
    • In 2003, Mr. Ong Ah Heng assumed the role of Advisor to BAS, and Mr. Wee Siew Kim, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC (Jalan Kayu Branch), took over as President.


  • To develop basketball as the team sport of choice in terms of participation, public interest and sports excellence


  • To increase participation at all levels
  • To develop the game to a competitive elite sport
  • To rejuvenate interests and contribute to the pride and economy of our nation

BAS Constitution

BAS Constitution - Updated 2012

Management Committee 2017 - 2019

Mr Ong Kim Huat, David, BBM
Deputy President
Mr Hoo Boon Hock
Mr Chai Foo Ngee
Mr Khor Phee Ban
Mr Pang Chin Keong
Mr Tor Teck Jin
Assistant Honorary Secretary
Mr Stephen Loo, PBM
Assistant Honorary Secretary
Mr Teo Hock Hoe
Honorary Treasurer
Mr Wayne Soo Hon Weng
Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Mr ​Ethan Ong Lien Wan
Honorary Auditor
Mr Jimmy Suwono
Mr Quek Hiang Chiang, PBM
Mr Ang Tun Hoo
Mr Wee Siew Kim
Mr Gan Thiam Poh
Legal Advisor
Mr Chia Kim Huat
Ordinary Member
Kembangan Chai Chee CSC (景万岸菜市社区体育俱乐部)
Mr Ong Peng Kiat (王秉杰)
Ordinary Member
Min Yi Basketball Team (民宜 篮球队)
​​Mr Kwang Hock Soon (官福顺)
Ordinary Member
Qian Xi Basketball Club (千禧篮球会)
Mr Tan Jong See (陈永墀)
Ordinary Member
Tong Whye Physical Association (通淮体育会)
Mr Koh Kah Tiong (郭家強)
Ordinary Member
Whye Nam Sports Association (怀南体育会)
Mr Glen Chua (蔡振宏​)

Management Sub-Committee

Coaching & Development Committee Chairman
Dr Koh Koon Teck
Tournament Committee Chairman
Mr Yap Hwee Tat
Marketing & Publicity Committee Chairman
Mr Mikell Koh
Disciplinary Committee Chairman
Mr Mohd Arfan Ambran
Liaison Committee Chairman
Mr Tan Chun Hock
Technical Committee Chairman
Mr Ong Peng Kiat


General Manager
Mr Ng Guat Heng
HR & Finance Manager
Ms Felicia Tey
Pathway Manager
Ms Chen Tingfang
Marketing & Publicity Manager
Mr Ng Zhi Wei
Assistant Manager, High Performance
Mr Paul Ng
HR & Finance Executive
Ms Joey Ng