Day 2 of WNBL in Action!


8 April 2018

Matchday 2 fixtures of the WNBL 2018 saw action between 8 teams in 4 games: Qian Xi Red vs ADROIT (新加坡圣公文化) Blue 107-17; Hillcrest Grays beat Qian Xi Blue in a 59-34. ADROIT (新加坡圣公文化) Red emerged victorious against Jumpshot 69-47; and finally Kembangan Chai-Chee vs Radin Mas 40-58 in a closely contested match.

The first match at 4PM witnessed a game of extreme contrasts in scoreline. Qian Xi Red had dominated the game right out from the first period already with a score of 23-3. They keep up the momentum and controlled the game right until the last whistle with Sharon Lee Mi Yun bagging the top scorer in the game with 18 points. This game mark’s Qian Xi Red’s second win in a row.

In the next game at 5.30PM, Hillcrest Grays defeated Qian Xi Blue 59-34. Qian Xi Blue has now lost 2 games in a row and the top scorer is Cheryl Poon Shuwen. Yao Xiuxiu (Hillcrest Grays) had the most rebound won with 15. The 4 periods are actually evenly matched until the last period where Qian Xi Blue only managed a point while Hillcrest Grays managed 27 and could possibly due to fatigue setting in.

In the third game at 7PM, ADROIT (新加坡圣公文化) Red emerged victory against Jumpshot. ADROIT (新加坡圣公文化) Red lead Jumpshot 21-13 in the first period and subsequent periods by a slim margin but Jumpshot managed to level on points in the last period 11-11. However, this is not enough though with Final Result: 69-47. Top scorers for each team: Alfian Nabilah (13points), Olivia Lee Jia Min (9 points).

In the last tip-off at 8.30PM, Kembangan Chai-Chee lost to Radin Mas in a in a match similar to the previous with a score 40-58. The first 3 periods are quite evenly matched with Radin Mas outscored their opponents by max 3 points in each period. Radin Mas outscored their opponent 24-8 to decisively win the match in the last period. Top scorers for each team are also evenly matched: Yeo Sze Ying (12 points), Tabitha Tay Zi Qi (13 points).

Upcoming Matchday 3, Wednesday, 11 April, will feature Radin Mas vs Jumpshot (7.30PM), Siglap vs Hillcrest Grays (9PM).

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