WNBL Game Day 14


21 May 2018

WNBL Game Day 14, Sunday 21 May: Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red 59-55 Qian Xi Blue, Qian Xi Red 69-39 Siglap, Hillcrest Grays 54-29 Radin Mas and Jumpshot 45-59 Kembangan Chai-Chee.

In the first match at 4.00pm, Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red beat third place Qian Xi Blue to remain 7th place in the table with three wins, 11 points. In another closely-match game, both sides have similar shot-ratio in and outside the ring, perhaps with the objective to improve their overall standings in the table before the semi-finals; and the semi-finals berth for Qian Xi Blue. Top scorer for the game goes to Tan En-Min Jayne Sarah, a regular scorer for Qian Xi Blue with 23 points while her counterpart Chu Jacqueline Jia Jia also another frequent scorer, had 22 points. Qian Xi Blue now qualifies for the semi-finals, having won 5 games in regular season with 13 points. They will be preparing for its first leg on 22 May Tuesday at 9.00pm against Hillcrest Grays.  

In the second game at 5.30pm, Qian Xi Red had a dominating season so far, successfully maintained their unbeaten run in regular season of the competition, clocking 8 wins out of 8 with 16 points with a win over Siglap. Both teams now qualify for the semi-finals with Siglap in 4th in the table with 5 wins, 13 points. Qian Xi Red surely is the hot favourite to win the title of WNBL 2018. Their first game of the first leg of the semi-finals is on 22 May Tuesday against Siglap in a ‘rematch’. Qian Xi Rd’s Lim Rui Jia Alanna is the top scorer for the game with 11 points while Siglap’s Lim Jing Jing Joanne had 10 points. Siglap will need to be on top of their game in their first leg against Qian Xi Red to have any chance to qualify for the finals on 27 May.

In 7.00pm’s game, Hillcrest Grays see off Radin Mas to go second place and qualify for the semi-finals with seven wins, 15 points. Radin Mas missed out on the semi-finals spot by a point to Siglap with four wins. Hillcrest is regarded as the ‘challenger to the title’ against Qian Xi Red, as evident in their consistent scoring form from the first period in the game: 16-7, 14-8, 14-10, 10-4. Their Valuable Player Yao Xiuxiu is the top scorer in the game with 14 points while Radin Mas’s Liew Panmeline Choon Hwee had 10 points. Hillcrest Grays face Qian Xi Blue in the first leg of the semi-finals on 22 May at 9.00pm.    

In the last game of regular season at 8.30pm, Kembangan Chai-Chee secured a win against 2nd from bottom Jumpshot to consolidate its place in 6th with three wins, against Jumpshot’s one win in the competition. Jumpshot had actually lead the game in the first 2 periods: 11-9, 18-14 but unfortunately a comeback from Kembangan Chai-Chee with 4-14, 12-22 turned the tables around. Top scorer for the game goes to Jumpshot’s Senin Nurdhia with 14 points and Kembangan Chai-Chee’s Tan Yaqi scored 13 points.

First Leg of Semi-Finals on Tuesday, 22 May:

·         QIAN XI RED VS SIGLAP (7.30pm)



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WNBL Game Day 13


16 May 2018

WNBL Game Day 13, Wednesday 16 May: Hillcrest Grays 58-34 Jumpshot and Qian Xi Red 87-20 Kembangan Chai-Chee.

In the first match at 7.30PM, Hillcrest Grays secured its 6th win in the competition, amassing 13 points with one game left to play, second in the table. Should they win their last round, semi-final berth is almost certain. At the other end of the table, Jumpshot suffered its 6th lost in the competition and had only a win with 8 points. They can still climb up the table though if results go their way in the last round. In the first period, Jumpshot had only scored 2 points vs 15 points of Hillcrest Grays, Jumpshot fought hard to win the tie around, with the last 2 periods 13-11, 11-10 Hillcrest Grays - Jumpshot. Loiter Ariel Xiang Ying of Hillcrest Grays is the top scorer of the game with 19 points, and Chang Chun Tzu of Jumpshot scored 9 points for her team.

In the next game at 9.00pm, Qian Xi Red won its 7th match out of a possible 7 and is poised to proceed to the semi-finals of the WNBL 2018 with a game to spare. In dominating fashion, Qian Xi Red defeated 6th placing Kembangan Chai-Chee right from the start of the first period to the end. Kembangan Chai-Chee couldn’t keep up with the scoring form of Qian Xi Red from the first to the last periods: 21-7, 18-4, 25-5, and 23-4. Most of the shots from Qian Xi Red were scored from inside the 2-pointer while Kembangan Chai-Chee tried their luck from 3-pointer but were mostly unsuccessful. Top scorer for the game unsurprisingly goes to Qian Xi Red: Ang Siew Ting Pauline with 14 points while Chua Cunfang of Kembangan Chai-Chee had 8 points.

In the upcoming Game Day 14 before the semi-finals on 22 May, Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red take on Qian Xi Blue at 4.00pm. Semi-finals favorites Qian Xi Red taking on Siglap with both sides looking for a win with much at stake at 5.30pm. Qian Xi Red will be hoping to go to the semi-finals unbeaten while Siglap will be hoping to secure a place in the semi-finals. Next game at 7.00pm, other semi-finals favourite Hillcrest Grays vs Radin Mas where Radin Mas will need very optimistic results to go their way to qualify to the semi-finals. In the last game at 8.30pm, Jumpshot will be against Kembangan Chai-Chee with both teams looking to improve their table rankings.

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National Youth Championship 2018

2018-05-30 to 2018-06-06
  • U15 & U17 Boys & Girls Categories

WNBL Game Day 12


13 May 2018

WNBL Game Day 12, Sunday 13 May: Qian Xi Blue 64-31 Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue and Radin Mas 28-80 Qian Xi Red.

In the first match at 6.00PM, Qian Xi Blue won its 5th game in the competition to go second in the table against Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue. Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue remained the only side that had not win a single game in the competition, and having played all matches in the current round, gaining 8 points out of 8 games. They also might end up the bottom team in the table should current bottom of the table Jumpshot wins any of their next 2 games. On the other hand, Qian Xi Blue is firmly one of the title contenders with 12 points; its last game will be against Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red on 20 May and should progress to the semi-finals. Top scorer for the game goes to Qian Xi Blue Tan En-Min Jayne Sarah once again with 19 points, and regular scorer for Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue’s Ang Zi Yi Lydia with 11 points.

In the next game at 7.30pm, Qian Xi Red came out victorious against Radin Mas to put Radin Mas’s hopes for the semi-finals seriously dented. Following this victory, Qian Xi Red now sits atop of the table with 12 points and goes into the final 2 Game Days unbeaten Qian Xi Red dominated the game where other than the huge scoreline difference; Radin Mas had been unable to score more than double digits for the first 3 periods; 5-13, 7-22, 4-21. Qian Xi Red’s next 2 games are against Kembangan Chai-Chee on 16 May and against Siglap on 20 May. Radin Mas’s last game is against Hillcrest Grays, another title contender, and would need results to their favour to qualify for the semi-finals. Qian Xi Red’s Wong Valentia Shu Ting and Lee Mi Yun Sharon are the top scorers for the game with 13 points each, while Tang Amanda Jia Qi of Radin Mas scored 11 points. 

Upcoming Game Day 13, Wednesday 16 May 7.30pm, will feature Hillcrest Grays (4th) vs bottom dweller Jumpshot. Both sides have stakes on hand as Hillcrest Grays would want to secure semi-finals placing while Jumpshot would be eager to move out of the bottom of the table. In the 9.00pm game, leaders Qian Xi Red will pit against Kembangan Chai-Chee (7th) and hope to remain unbeaten in the tournament while Kembangan will also look to climb up their ranking in the table with 2 games to play.

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WNBL Game Day 11


9 May 2018

Wednesday 9 May, WNBL Game Day 11: Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue 49-87 Siglap and Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red 61-73 Radin Mas.

In the first match at 7.30PM, in a match of contrast, Siglap defeated Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue to topple Hillcrest Grays to go top of the table despite having played a game more than now 2nd place Hillcrest Grays. On the other hand, Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue now rooted to the bottom of the table with 7 points, and is the only side without a win in the competition. Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue had actually started brightly during the first period, only losing slightly 16-19. Siglap’s superiority ultimately shone through, evident in the last period’s score of 23-10.  Top scorer goes to Siglap’s Chin Wan Qing with 20 points while Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue’s Ang Zi Yi Lydia had 19 points. Siglap’s regular scorers Lim Jing Jing Joanne and Chan Carissa Hui Ern scored 19 and 12 points respectively.

In the next game at 9.00pm, Radin Mas edged out against mid-table Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Red to go same points with Qian Xi Blue and Qian Xi Red with 10 points. Top scorer for the game goes to Yeow Jia Jing Crystal with 18 points while her counterpart Lim May Jia Jia bagged 15 points.

As the 1st Leg of Semi-Finals fast approaching with 3 regular Game Days left, 4 teams have been identified as title contenders: Siglap (12 points), Hillcrest Grays (11 points), Qian Xi Red, Qian Xi Blue and Radin Mas (10 points respectively). Interestingly, Qian Xi Red remained the only team unbeaten in the competition as well as only 5 games played, would certainly make them a compelling ‘Dark Horse’ for the title.

Upcoming Game Day 12, Sunday 13 May, will feature Qian Xi Blue vs Adroit (新加坡圣公文化) Blue (6.00pm) and Radin Mas v Qian Xi Red (7.30pm).

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