2019 ActiveSG-BAS National Masters Basketball Tournament begins on 2 March!


ActiveSG-BAS National Masters Tournament 2019

The 2019 ActiveSG-BAS National Masters Tournament will begin tomorrow on Saturday, 2 March!

This year’s edition will see action from the Men’s 40-49 Years Category.

The First Round will see 3 games in Group A:

  • Oldham vs PV Crew (6pm)
  • O’Boyz vs Pinko Print (6pm)
  • Ocean 15 vs D’fenders (7.30pm)

Another Round of 3 games in Group B will follow:

  • Siglap Basketball Club vs B-Pro Basketball.TH (7.30pm)
  • Eng Tat Hornets vs Macpherson Team 2 (9pm)
  • Marshals vs Xiongfeng (9pm)

The Quarter-Finals will commence from Sunday, 24 March, while the Finals and 3rd-Place Play-offs will be held on Sunday, 31 March 2019.

All results will be on: http://bas.org.sg/?a=competitions&id=40

All games will be played at Singapore Basketball Centre (SBC)!